Confidencial | Nicaragua Dialogue Fails: Ortega Clings to Impunity

Author: Wilfredo Miranda Aburto | Confidencial
Image: Members of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy at a press conference in Managua on the evening of April 3rd. Photo: EFE

The deadline of the political negotiations set for April 3, ended in Managua without agreements on democratization and justice. The government of Daniel Ortega rejected moving up the 2021 elections and the investigation of the massacre perpetrated by the Police, paramilitaries and agents of the regime, preferring to leave the crimes in impunity.

Both sides rejected each other’s proposals on Wednesday. For the opposition “the negotiation is closed owing to the lack of political will by the regime.”

The Civic Alliance informed that they will not continue talks with the government’s representatives and will focus “their work” on the fulfillment of the partial agreements signed last week, referring to the release of political prisoners and the restoration of citizen freedoms that have been violated.

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