Confidencial | Nicaraguan Doctors Demand Reintegration of 400 Dismissed Medical Staff

Image: The massive police deployment failed to prevent a small group of doctors and health workers from gathering to protest.

A group of Nicaraguan doctors held a protest Saturday in Managua against President Daniel Ortega, despite a strong police operation to prevent it. They demanded the reintegration of doctors fired for  attending wounded protestors during armed attacks by the government’s police and paramilitary forces in 2018, and for the ongoing harassment suffered by doctors who “complied with their Hippocratic oath”, to attend to all people without political distinction.

The police deployment, which judging by the number of agents and equipment, exceeded any operation seen here against international organized crime. However, it failed to prevent a small group of doctors and health workers from entering the meeting point to carry out the protest.

During the protest, from the parking lot of the Pellas Business Center, doctors shouted the names of more than 20 people who, they said, died because the former Health Minister and now Ortega’s personal advisor, Sonia Castro, ordered that they not be treated in the hospitals.

“They were Nicaraguans, they were not enemies!” Exclaimed the protesters, who also issued slogans such as “Enough of the repression!”, “Dictatorship no, democracy yes!”, and “No more torture!”

The doctors also had direct words against Ortega: “He’s a criminal, he’s not president!” They also called him “Murderer, rapist and drug dealer!”

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