Confidencial | The Return of Somoza to Nicaragua

Author: Maryorit Guevara | Confidencial
Image: Illustration by Juan García

I was five years old when my older sisters took the task of enlightening me with the monster that would infuse me the most fear during my childhood: [Anastasio] Tacho Somoza.

A sinister, cruel and ruthless being who, without the need to invoke him, could appear at any time or place to torture and kill me.

At that age, I didn’t have the slightest notion that he was a real life character, until I turned eight, when my grandmother Carmen, related the story of how the Somoza’s National Guard came to the house in search of my uncles.

Without justification they entered armed and turned everything upside down in search for clues that indicated that in that house lived one or three possible traitors of the Somoza dictatorship.

The phrase “Que se rinda tu madre” (a way of saying “we will never surrender”) is now addressed to President Daniel Ortega by a generation of young people in rebellion. Carlos Herrera / Niu.

The monster returned in April

Years later, I had forgotten that character until April of 2018 when he returned to my life in the figure of dictator Daniel Ortega Saavedra, who, just as Anastasio Somoza (or worse), has not stopped hunting young dissidents.

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