Havana Times | Exile: The Price for Defending the People in Nicaragua

Author: Keyling T. Romero | Confidencial
Image: Haydee Castillo is the president and founder of the Instituto de Liderazgo de Las Segovias (Leadership Institute of Las Segovias) Courtesy | Niú

HAVANA TIMES – Haydee Castillo wrote the last sentence of her speech five hours before she was to read it during the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) session. She was tired, nervous and the hardest moments Nicaraguans have been living through for this last year kept running through her mind.

“I am Haydee Castillo, a defender of human rights. Six months ago, as I was getting ready to board a plane to come to this city to denounce the repression we are suffering, when the Nicaraguan government abducted me at the Augusto Cesar Sandino airport  [in Managua] and took me to the El Chipote torture center,” she began reading out loud until she finished reading the five pages she had managed to write very early the morning of April 26th. She then went to sleep and woke up to re-read it a couple of hours before, making sure she didn’t exclude anyone.

“I wanted to write a lot more, however eight minutes places a limit. So it was just a summary of a whole year of pain, a year of hope in four or five pages,” she explains.

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