Havana Times | Expert Recommendations on Elections in Nicaragua

Author: Ivan Olivares
Image: Voting in Nicaragua. File photo: Carlos Herrera / Confidencial

First, fair elections with national and international observation; second, the electoral vehicle.

HAVANA TIMES – Nicaragua knows how to defeat Daniel Ortega at the polls, even if he’s cemented into the government and enjoying all the advantages of illegitimate administration of omnipotent power. The nation already did so in 1990, and will soon have to do it again, be it in 2019, in 2020 or in 2021.

One of the first step towards this is for the representatives of the citizens engaged in anti-dictatorial civic struggle to begin conversing across the entire political spectrum – differentiating between parties that collaborate with the government and those that don’t – in order to build the consensuses that will be needed when the big decisions must be made.

“In forming a political party, you have to speak with the others, so you should probably begin to speak with them from the beginning. This is the way to succeed in achieving an electoral reform through a joint effort, which is probably the only way to achieve it,” assured Roberto Courtney, executive director of the electoral observation group “Ethics and Transparency”.

He’s part of a group of experts whose responsibilities included the elaboration of a proposal for electoral reform. This proposal was presented before the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy and is now being presented to different organizations across the country, in search of such a consensus.

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