Havana Times | Nicaragua: He Fought against Somoza, and now against Ortega

Author: Roy Moncada | La Prensa | Havana Times
Image: David Solorzano went into exile in Costa Rica, persecuted by some of the same people he fought with 39 years before to defeat the dictator Somoza. Photo: J. Flores / La

publication date: April 7, 2019

HAVANA TIMES – July 17, 1979: all eyes are on Managua. That day, dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle boarded a plane that would take him to Miami. It was the end of the Somoza dictatorship.

Meanwhile, somewhere between the small cities of Ocotal and Esteli, David Solorzano, a scrawny adolescent of seventeen, already had ten months of combat under his belt, fighting for the country’s freedom on the Carlos Fonseca Amador northern front.

Exactly 39 years later, on July 17, 2018, that young man, now 56, was leaving his home in Masaya and fleeing via the back roads towards Costa Rica. Those from the Sandinista party were after him, the same people with whom he had fought nearly forty years before.

What had happened? Solorzano had decided to add his voice to the protests against Daniel Ortega after seeing on April 18th how the regime sent its forces to beat up a group of elderly people in the city of Leon. And how they had also brutalized the youth in Managua, all for daring to protest against the reforms to the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute.

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