Havana Times | Nicaragua: The April that’s Lasted a Whole Year

Author: Keyling T. Romero | Confidencial | Havana Times
Image: Last April the first protests against Daniel Ortega’s government began. Since then, the country has remained in April.   Photo: Carlos Herrera, Confidencial / Niu

HAVANA TIMES – In a few days it will be the first anniversary of the civic struggle in Nicaragua. However, the “self-organized” Nicaraguans state that they’ve been mired in April ever since last year.

For them, that month never ended, and perhaps it won’t end until the regime departs. The protagonists of last year’s events speak of the meaning that April has had in their lives.

“There’s not a minute when April isn’t present in my mind and body, and I have to speak of that,” says student leader Madelaine Caracas. “April was the awakening of a purpose that goes beyond the moment, which is the search for change. It was a month of pain, suffering and at the same time great valor, solidarity and brother and sisterhood on the part of Nicaraguans.

“April is that link to memory, to not forgetting the struggle ahead for liberty. April is my life until I succeed in returning to my country, a country I was torn from and forcibly displaced from, in order to safeguard my life,” Madelaine says. On this date last year, she led the protests to quash the forest fire that was devouring the Indio Maiz biological reserve. Later, she joined the University Coordinator for Democracy and Justice.

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