Havana| Nicaragua Left Without Witnesses

Author: Rafael Rojas | Confidencial
Image: The intentions behind the accusations.| PxMolina | Confidencial

HAVANA TIMEWS – Gabriela Selser has told the Mexican newspaper La Jornada about the latest abuses by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in Nicaragua. After ransacking the headquarters of Confidencial,a media critical of the Government led by Carlos Fernando Chamorro, the regime intervened the 100% Noticias television channel and arrested its director Miguel Mora and journalists Verónica Chavez and Lucía Pineda.

Ortega and Murillo are literally following a script that we have seen staged before in Havana and Caracas. Opponents and critics of authoritarianism, according to them, “conspire in favor of terrorism.”

To publicly question the actions of the Government is to ally with “Yankee imperialism” and the internal enemies of something that the Government continues calling, undauntedly, the “Sandinista Revolution”.

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