Havana Times | Ortega Dictates a Law of Self-Amnesty in Nicaragua

Author: Ismael López / Maynor Salazar  | Confidencial | Havana Times
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HAVANA TIMES – The government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo have declared their own amnesty. On Friday they sent to the National Assembly what was already vox populi in the corridors of Nicaraguan politics: an amnesty law that seeks to leave in impunity all crimes committed by police and paramilitaries against the self-organized population that came out to protest in 2018 against the regime.

Considered emergency legislation, the law was passed by the Sandinista dominated Assembly on Saturday on a 70-15 vote.

The bill was signed by Ortega deputies and their allies in the legislature and aims to close the doors to the families of victims of the government repression who have said they will not tire of demanding justice.

Meanwhile, the government tries to justify its self-amnesty with a new promise to free all political prisoners, something it had already committed to at the negotiation table with the Civic Alliance since the end of March. However, to date, it has only released a portion of the prisoners and under the regime of house arrest, without giving them full freedom.

“Ample amnesty is granted to persons who have participated in the events that occurred throughout the national territory from April 18, 2018 until the date of entry into force of this law,” says Article 1 of the law.

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