Havana Times | Protests Continue in Nicaragua Despite Police Repression

Author: Keyling T. Romero | Confidencial | Havana Times
Image: After the prostests held at the Metrocentro mall on the previous weekends, starting early Saturday the Police stationed agents inside the shopping areas and parking lot to “keep watch” from the inside. Photo: Carlos Herrera / Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – Despite the police deployment that began in the early hours of Saturday, April 6, and still continues, groups of the self-organized opposition went out for brief moments to demonstrate at “blind points”, in order not to be arrested.

This took place after the Blue and White Unity movement (UNAB) cancelled the march it had convoked, for fear of attacks on the citizens, as happened the previous weekend when an armed man infiltrated a protest and began shooting.

The flash protests were realized by small groups, who displayed Nicaraguan flags, yelled slogans sent up balloons and some tossed blue and white confetti in the streets. “Did you notice? We’re driving them crazy. The National Unity has acted with responsibility for people’s lives. Civil disobedience is also a way of mocking power,” Violeta Granera, a member of the movement, posted on Twitter.

Earlier in the day, the Ortega Police invaded the shopping malls, sites of protests over the past few weeks. They also patrolled the principal avenues of the capital in pick-up trucks, motorcycles, and minibuses; the riot squads were deployed in the sector around the Masaya highway where the canceled march had been scheduled and where in the last year the principal marches against the regime of Daniel Ortega have been held. Other cities also reported a large police presence.

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