Havana Times | “The Army Has Been Part of the Nicaragua Cris

Author: Wilfredo Miranda Aburto (Confidencial)
Image: Army Chief Gen. Julio Cesar Aviles along with president Daniel Ortega.  File photo: Confidencial / EFE

HAVANA TIMES – “Army ranks with their terms expired, all types of business as a priority, party subordination as a rule, complicity in crimes against humanity, persecution and killing of peasants, and active military officers working for institutions of the regime.” This is how the Nicaraguan security expert and founder of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policies (IEEPP), Javier Melendez, describes the Nicaraguan Army.

Although the Army’s high command argues that it has remained outside the sociopolitical crisis and has also declared itself the victim of a “brutal smear campaign,” Melendez asserts that the military institution has behaved as “a partisan extension of the Ortega family.” An assessment that the Army rejects and alleges that it acts in accordance with the laws and the Constitution.

In this interview with Confidencial, Melendez talks about the viability of the Army in the future and about military succession, hitherto blocked by Army General, Julio Cesar Aviles, who by next year will have served a decade as head of the institution, questioned for his passivity to the actions of paramilitaries in the brutal repression against civic protests.

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