Havana Times | The Lessons Learned in Nicaragua over the Last Year

Author: Max Jerez | Confidencial
Image: FOR THE DEAD… …OUR DEAD.  Victims of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship. | Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – A year has passed since many Nicaraguans, with a renewed conscience, left behind indifference and fear and raised their voice for freedom, justice and democracy against the criminal and totalitarian Ortega-Murillo regime. Since then we spoke of a new Nicaragua, that nothing is the same and that change has already begun.

The level of political maturity and awareness of the people has been surprising and a new political culture has been seen before all of us. It is because we have learned from the past and April has left us its lessons, here some of them:

We have renounced violence

The April uprising means the abandonment of political violence for the option for civic struggle and nonviolence. A significant change taking into account our history marked by war and the practice of violence as the way to resolve our political conflicts. April taught us that faced with the rifles of an archaic and decadent dictatorial regime, the courage of the people who responded with marches, slogans, boycotts, balloons and pickets has been stronger.

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