Today Nicaragua | Ometepe: The Oasis That Lost Its Peace

Author: Rico | Today Nicaragua
Image: The “Ojo de Agua” natural spring is one of the most popular spots on Ometepe. These moonths it has been practically empty. Photo: Carlos Herrera / Confidencial

Max Cruz Gutierrez was the victim of six bullets on October 8th. “The riot police and the paramilitaries shot him in his house”, in front of his wife Marvis Salazar and his two children.

“They did it because he was one of the organizers of the marches on Ometepe Island”, said one of the victim’s relatives, who asked to be identified as Ignacio, to protect his identity.

The April 18th explosion of the crisis in Nicaragua prompted Max to join the protest on the island that were demanding the departure of President Daniel and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo.  But on October 8th, five patrol units, with riot police, regular police officers and paramilitaries, showed up at his house, blocked all accessto the house and intimidated those who were trying to observe what was happening.

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