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Author: Rico | Today Nicaragua
Image:  Site-in front of the Central American University in Managua demanding the release of politial prisoners. Photo Carlos Herrera / Condifencia

His extraordinary criminal assault on human rights has isolated him on a global level. It’s also an objective defeat via an increasing economic strangulation that makes his regime unviable. However, while his continued rule may be unviable, there’s no national opponent that can claim the victory over the dictatorship.

The fool’s thesis, for those who want to avoid a struggle, is that Ortega will reflect and eventually assist in artificially dismantling his own dictatorial model. To evade a fight, they need Ortega to direct his own tactical defeat.

This creates a contradictory phenomenon very seldom seen: there’s been a strategic defeat in the absence of a national tactical defeat. The unfortunate consequence of this is not only the prolonged repression, but also the current crisis of governance with devastating effects for society.

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